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Session Times

MONDAY1.00pm5:00pmDirector - Bob Powell - no partner required
TUESDAY1.00pm5:00pmDuty Director- no partner required
WEDNESDAY1.00 pm5.00 pmSupervised session for new players - No partner required - Director Bev Ford
 1.00pm5.00pmDirector- Merle Proudfoot or Sandra Hardie - no partner required except for Special Teams
THURSDAY1:00pm5:00pmDuty Director- no partner required - 2 Sections - Open & Less than 25 MPs
FRIDAY1:00pm5:00pmDirector - Ann Shalders - no partner required
SATURDAY1.00pm5:00pmDi Brooks - partner required

Our Partner Coordinator is Colleen Webb - Call her on 9582 0569 for assistance if you need a partner .
Table fees - $5 per session, visitors $6 - $8 for red point events, $10 Major Events
Please be seated 15 minutes before the advertised starting time.